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Along with all the hardware items needed to get your project done, O.D. Greene offers a wide range of equipment for rent.  Renting is an inexpensive alternative for that one-time job.  At our Adams and Sackets Harbor stores, we have a great selection of equipment and tools to meet your do-it-yourself needs.


Here are some of the tools and equipment we rent:



  • Insulation Blower

  • ICF Bracing

  • Sheetrock Lifts

  • Roofing Shears

  • Floor Sander

  • Air Stapler

  • Electrical Crimps

  • Manual Floor Nailer

  • PAM Screwgun


  • Carpet Cleaner

  • Pex Tool

  • Rototiller


Call us today for availability.

(315) 232-4800 (Adams)

(315) 646-2222 (Sackets Harbor) 


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